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           An adjustment gently corrects a misaligned spinal vertibrae (a subluxation) to remove any disruption in your spine's nerve function.

          What Causes A Subluxation?

         Stress of various kinds cause sublux-ations. A physical mishap, a childhood fall, an auto accident affect the spine, as does poor posture, sleep positions, incorrect lifting, lack of exercise, etc. Also, chemical and emotional stress can cause subluxations.

  • Does The Adjustment Hurt?

    Under normal circumstances, the adjustment is painless. Occasionally, a brief sensation may be felt due to the decompression of the nerve root

  • How will the adjustment help me?

    While the adjustment does not by itself heal the body, it removes the interference of the subluxation, and allows the body to function at its true potential.

  • Should I go to a chiropractor if I feel fine?

    Chiropractic care can help your body maintain its peak level of health and fitness. Regular spinal checkups help detect and prevent spinal stress due to subluxations.

  • Will I have to go forever?

    Your spine is under constant stress. Every person who has a spine needs to be checked for subluxations.
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