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Before you learn what a subluxation is, you must first know how the body works.

According to "Gray's Anatomy" (renowned medical text), the purpose of the brain and nervous system is to control and coordinate the function of all organs , glands and tissues in the body.

See chart below to see the importance of the brain and nerves to your entire body's health!

The brain directs and controls all organ function, muscles, and joint movement by sending messages along the nerves to the various parts, then back again.

Any interference in this communication results in reduced organ function, movement, and health.

A SUBLUXATION is a condition that causes interference with the nerve communication system.

1. A SUBLUXATION is a structural misalignment of bones (vertebrae) of the spine.

2. Subluxations (bone misalignments) can cause the opening from which the nerves exit to become narrowed.

3. A narrow opening may compress (impinge, choke) the nerve.

4. The nerve may become damaged, and affect body function and your health.

If there is interference with the messages being sent from the brain, along the nerves to all parts of the body, your body cannot function properly.


(You Don't)

If you have the "pinched nerve" type of subluxation, it is evident because this type is typically painful. However, the more common type of subluxation is silent, with NO SYMPTOMS. Just like a cavity before it becomes painful, YOU DON'T know it is there. The SILENT SUBLUXATION can still put pressure on the nerves which may affect the function of any of your organs, glands, muscles and joints. This SILENT SUBLUXATION may eventually adversely affect your health.


There are 3 general causes of SUBLUXATION:

1. PHYSICAL- This is the most obvious; however, most people may think it takes something as severe as a car accident to cause a subluxation. This is not true. What might seem to be insignificant traumas, like childbirth, childhood falls, repetitive motion, childhood posture, sleep positions,occupational posture (hours of sitting doing paper work or computer work), occupation lifting (improper lifting, bending, awkward positioning), may all cause SUBLUXATION.

2. EMOTIONAL- This is best explained by a common situation called STRESS. Stess affects tension in muscles. Spinal muscles are responsible for the proper alignment and movement of spinal bones (vertebrae).

3. CHEMICAL- Outside the body chemicals like poisons, food additives, allergic agents can affect your body. Inside the body, chemicals like adrenalin, histamines, stomach acid, insulin are all good except if they are over or under produced (like the overproduction of histamines when pollen is present). If chemicals, whether inside or outside the body, adversly affect the muscles, joints, or nerves, they can be a factor in causing Subluxations.

What does this mean for you and your health?

Think about your health problem right now. Whatever it is, the brain and nervous system play an important part in how that part of your body is working (or not working). Do you agree that having no interference on the nerves would be important for you to be healthy? (Go to "What is health" button). Why not have your spine checked for subluxation by a Chiropactor.


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