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The problem began at 7 months old. The baby had 2 hospital stays and daily nebulizer treatments 4 times per day. Because I was under chiropractic care, I brought my baby to my chiropractor. The asthma attacks subsided completely in a few months time. He hasn't had an attack in 7 years. He has been able to resume all activities because of regained health. He can live freely again without carrying the machine around and his medicine. I am recommending chiropractic care to others. ... by E.B.

My son had chronic ear infections since he was a baby. At four years old, the doctors wanted to do surgery to put tubes in his ears. My husband, who was skeptical, finally agreed to let us try chiropractic instead of surgery. My son stopped having ear infections right away. We had one adjustment each week for 8 weeks. My husband is now a believer. We continue with regular chiropractic care for prevention. ... by C.P.

I was under chiropractic care during my pregnancy, and it helped me so much. I had a fairly easy natural childbirth experience. I brought my baby daughter to the chiropractor at 2 days old, and my chiropractor found that her 2nd neck bone was out of alignment, probably due to the natural trauma of birth. She has been under chiropractic care since then, and so has my son. They are now 12 and 10 years old, and have never had an ear infection ever. I can't even remember when they were sick. They don't even get colds, have never had strep throat, don't get digestive ailments, or any other "ordinary" childhood illnesses. If their subluxations had not been found and corrected at their early age, who knows what they might have suffered. They will also probably avoid a lot of the structural problems that I have had in my back over the years. Chiropractic is our family's way of life. _ by S.P.

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