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I have had neck pain with migraines for 10 years and lower back pain radiating into the legs (hamstrings) for 3 weeks. When the pain became unbearable, I decided to try chiropractic. Since then (2 weeks), the pain has lessened extremely and I have not had a migraine for a week! I am less tired, have more energy, more mobility. I sleep better. I can now walk for 2 miles instead of not walking at all. I plan to continue chiropractic care, and am recommending it to others. ... by L.A.

I had pain and discomfort in lower back (for 20 years) and ringing in my left ear (for 3-4 months). An orthopedist recommended muscle relaxers and bed rest. But after I tried chiropractic, the lower back problems improved significantly and had immediate cessation of the ringing in the ear. I have a general feeling of improved health and well being. I am able to perform my job and leisure activities without constantly worrying about a disabling spasm in my lower back. ... by R.S

I have always had low back and shoulder pain, and for the last 2 years, leg pain all the way down my right leg. I tried pain pills, ice pack, heating pad and mineral ice. Someone suggested trying chiropractic instead of all these pills and remedies that weren't helping. I went and heard the doctor speak about the bones, nerves and cells in the office. I am now less tired, have less pain in my leg and back, and am able to function better. I have improved tremendously. I'm able to walk further distances without tiredness or pain. I have a better attitude and better resistance. Even things like ear aches and swollen glands disappeared. I'm glad I learned what chiropractic is really about. ... by E.B.

I had two herniated discs (L4 and L5) causing me pain for 5 months. I tried physical therapy, but it wasn't helping. Since trying chiropractic, I am able to walk longer than before without pain! I am recommending chiropractic to others. ... by P.B.

I have had lower back pain as well as sciatica. I had tried resting and taking Tylenol. The pain got so bad that I was barely able to walk, and this affected by performance at work where all I do is walk. My parents suggested that I try chiropractic. My pain has now disappeared, and I'm actually happier. I can also stand up straight, something I could never do without actually putting effort into it. Now it just comes naturally. I have improved 100%. I have noticed that I am less tired, have more energy and am able to manage stress better. I plan to continue chiropractic care because I always want to feel this good. I never realized what chiropractic could do until after my first visit. I was happier and felt good about myself. Chiropractic improved the quality of my life, and I very thankful to have had someone recommend it to me. It truly changed my life for the better. _ by O.D.F.

I have had sciatica for some time now. Because I do not like to take medication, I tried chiropractic. My sciatica is now cured, and I have a P.M.A. (positive mental attitude). I can resume walking (and standing). ... by A.C.

I suffer from sciatica and a swollen left knee. My M.D. had given me a cortisone injection in the knee and electrical stimulation. My son, a massage therapist, recommended chiropractic. Since I began chiropractic treatment, the swelling in my knee has gone down and there is no more pain, and I'm now able to walk and go upstairs normally. I am 90% better. My sciatica pain is almost totally gone. I now walk 3 to 4 miles daily, as I have in the past. ... by M.M.

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