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The problem began at 7 months old. The baby had 2 hospital stays and daily nebulizer treatments 4 times per day. Because I was under chiropractic care, I brought my baby to my chiropractor. The asthma attacks subsided completely in a few months time. He hasn't had an attack in 7 years. He has been able to resume all activities because of regained health. He can live freely again without carrying the machine around and his medicine. I am recommending chiropractic care to others. ... by E.B.

I had difficulty breathing when participating in outdoor activities. I needed an inhaler. My father was under chiropractic care and recommended it for my particular problem. I have no more difficulty breathing when participating in outdoor activities. I notice that I have better resistance and do not get sick as often. ... by V.B., 10 years old

For over 10 years, I had to use albuterol, inhalers, and steroids. A friend in church recommended chiropractic because he had the same problem. My asthma had diminished by about 65%. I now also have better resistance. ... by B.G.

At 5 years old, I had asthma, hay fever and allergies. One day at school, I fell down the stairs. Over the next few days, I became very weak. My eyes became severely crossed. My father's cousin, an M.D., was determined that they were going to perform surgery and cut the muscles to my eyes so they would straighten out. At this point, my father took me to visit my mother's uncle, a chiropractor. He determined that I had nerve interference in my neck and that my problem might be coming from this area. He told my parents that we could always have the surgery done, but he wanted to try a more conservative approach first. After a couple of weeks, I was improving. After the first month passed, my eyes straightened out. Even though the symptoms were gone, my nerve interference was still present. So I continued my chiropractic treatment. Over the next few months, one by one, my allergies disappeared. Within 6 months, my hayfever topped. In a year's time, my asthma completely stopped (at an age much younger than medical doctors predicted I would out grow it)! As I grew older, I played football, basketball and ran track. I never had any problems with allergies, hayfever and asthma. _ by A.R. *

If I only knew then what I know now, quite possibly, I could have spared myself the pain and anguish of 4 nasal operations within 5 years and the agony of chronic bronchial asthma, sinus congestion and other ailments. For 8 years, I had been on steroids with only temporary relief, at best. My husband urged me to visit his chiropractor, but I refused. My back was fine. Finally, I agreed to make an appointment. I learned for the first time how important the spinal column is and how the proper alignment of the spine affects our health, from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. Chiropractic is not for back problems only. The adjustments worked a miracle in my life. The asthma has released its stronghold on my lungs and the nasal polyps are history. Praise God. _ by M.N. *

I had been under a lot of stress for about one year. On 5/4/89, my body rebelled and shut down my lungs. I woke up that day and was unable to breathe, so I went to my medical doctor for treatment. For the next 6 months, I was on steroids and inhalers, was out on disability from my job, and went through extensive tests to find out what happened. I never was given a cause, only was given more drugs, and was told that I would have to stay on all this medicine for the rest of my life. A friend was a true believer chiropractic, and her persistence paid off. I made my appointment with my chiropractor who found many subluxations in my spine, which were closing off my life line to many parts of my body, especially my lungs. I have been seeing my chiropractor for almost one year now, and I have not felt better in a long time. I do not get many illnesses at all anymore, and when I do get a cold or flu, it only lasts a day or two. I feel that chiropractic has saved me from many years of taking unnecessary medication and enduring a poor quality of life... by M.M. *

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