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Before I went to the chiropractic clinic, my body was completely blown out. I had lower back pain and a mild case of scoliosis. My digestive system was not working properly, and I had heartburn. Since I started chiropractic treatment, I have more energy than ever before. I don't have to take drugs for heartburn or stress. I can move in ways I never could before. After being a patient for one month, I, too, want to share the healing powers of chiropractic, so I'm currently enrolled in chiropractic college. I has left an impression on my whole life. ... by R.S. *

One evening, while waiting for a friend, I read a pamphlet on Chiropractic and high blood pressure. The chiropractor came out and started telling me how the spine influences all of our body's functions. What he was saying made sense. That evening, I had my first adjustment. Within three months, my blood pressure was normal, and I was digesting foods such as salad and steak, but best of all, I was eating strawberries which I love and haven't been able to eat since childhood. I thank God for chiropractic..! by M.R. *


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