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There's nothing wrong with me - I feel fine! This is a common phrase of people who feel healthy. BUT the public has been mis-educated over the years to thinking that the absence of symptoms or disease means health. This is not correct! Feeling healthy has nothing to do with being healthy! How many times have you heard of a person who appeared healthy, and suddenly found out they had a serious disease or suddenly died?

Health according to Dorland's Medical Dictionary states that "health is not merely the absence of disease." Webster's Dictionary states that health is "organs functioning at 100%, 100%of the time."

Chiropractic maintains the nervous system free from subluxations (spinal bones out of place thus causing nerve interference) allowing all the organs, glands and tissues in the body to function properly so the you can be in a true state of health.

When one of the spinal bones is misaligned (subluxated), it interferes with the flow of nerve impulses between the brain and the body. This lowers overall resistance and function, and can lead to serious problems. One thing is certain. There is no way you can ever expect to be healthy if you are subluxated. You may feel good for a while, but you will never attain a state of true health.


Subluxations are like cavities in that you never know if you have a subluxation or have a cavity until they get bad enough to cause you pain. Chiropractic check-ups are as important as dental check-ups for a sound spine and nerve supply.

The chiropractic approach to health is prevention which is sensible. Even the federal government is now urging the medical community to take measure to keep people healthy rather than treating symptoms after people get sick. How do you know if you have a nerve blockage? You don't! Unless you are lucky enough that your body is warning you with symptoms or pain, most nerve blockages go unnoticed - sometimes for years. These are the dangerous ones which actually choke off vital nerve energy to organs and all parts of the body. The intelligent approach to health is prevention! A professional chiropractic examination is the only way to be sure your body is getting a full nerve supply so that you maintain a state of true health.

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