About Dr. Panzica

        My purpose is to serve my community with quality family chiropractic care. I believe open communication between me and my patient is necessary for optimum results. Our office is a friendly, family type of office. My wife, Susan, works in the office, and my two children like to make our child patients feel comfortable.
I am trained in various chiropractic techniques because everyone's spine is not the same. All the techniques are gentle and specific, allowing me to treat patients of all ages. I enjoy teaching patients about chiropractic and health. It is my belief that informed patients make better choices about their health care. I also give lectures about chiropractic to various groups, as well as chiropractic seminars. Please feel free to call me or E-mail a question. I am always available for a free consultation. CALL 201-843-6266

About Dr. Panzica
  • Palmer Chiropractic College Graduaate

  • In private practice 30 years

  • Presently on the Board of the Association of N.J. Chiropractors

  • Presently the Chair of the ANJC Public Relations Committee

  • 1996 Chiropractor of the Year Award

  • 1998 Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Past President of the Council of New Jersey Chiropractors

  • Past Director of the New Jersey Chiropractic Forum

  • Specialized Chiropractic Training and Continuing Education

  • Community Service includes:

    Sponsor of the Paramus Run and Scholarship Show

    Community Food Drives

    Community clothing Drives

    Board of Trustees of the High Mountain Church

    Weekly Patient education talks and heath screenings